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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the RenalTracker program for? 

RenalTracker is exclusively designed for Elyse Klinieken for patients who have been diagnosed with kidney disease and want to take control of their kidney health.

Does RenalTracker replace my dietitian or nephrologist?

No, RenalTracker was designed to work seamlessly with your care team! Your personalised meal plans are based on your dietitian’s recommendations. Your questions get sent to your clinic’s nurse case manager. 

According to 2016 research done by Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Institute in Seattle, Washington, as explained by Dr. Jeffrey Bland, "...the solution to the CKD challenge lies in the skilled application of personalized lifestyle." This is where RenalTracker provides you with support in your daily management of CKD.

What if I get stuck somewhere and I need help? Can I contact anyone?

You can contact and expect a reply within 24 hours. We love talking to our users!

How do I make the most of RenalTracker to manage my CKD?

First of all, this program is designed for a very specific type of person.

A person with the intention to change their lifestyle and improve their kidney condition to delay dialysis.

If this is not you, then the content is not for you and now is the right time to opt out.

But for everyone else...

What you're about to learn from this program is going to help you achieve your kidney health goals.

We know this because over the past years, we have been working with more than 850 CKD patients who came before you to do so.

And from all those interactions, we learned one thing:

The patients who are actively engaged, are the ones who get the most positive results.

And with active engagement, you can get positive results too!

How are you going to do that?

The first, the simplest, most basic thing: Check your emails.

In the next few days, here is what you can expect from us…

You will be receiving daily comprehensive emails that will help improve your kidneys and manage it successfully.

We will send you to-do’s -- do them.

We will send you lessons -- write them down or print them out and apply them immediately.

We will give you checklists and manuals -- absorb them and make them your own.

I’m new to RenalTracker and not the most technologically savvy - is this program easy to use?

Yes! RenalTracker was created together with patients and the care team. We know 

the specific challenges people with CKD face and have designed the tools to be as 

simple to use as possible. If anything is confusing, please let us know!

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